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Password Services Becomes Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner!

Password Services is proud to announce that it has come a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner (DQP) - A rare honour which is only awarded to companies which demonstrate an extremely high quality of work.

Mitsubishi Electric is a market-leading manufacturer which uses the DQP programme to forge stronger links with outstanding suppliers. As an accredited partner, Password Services can avail of a range of exclusive services including 20 free training days, MEU-UK industry market reports, and a contribution of up to £1,000 towards the Mitsubishi Electric Academy training.

These benefits have been designed to add value to both Mitsubishi and Password Services, by raising the bar even higher and ensuring that their customers get the best quality of service.

"Through our acclaimed Partner programme, we focus on constantly raising standards to maximise mutual opportunity for growth," said a Mitsubishi spokesperson. "The fundamental ways we help strengthen our DQP's proposition, giving them a competitive edge can be summed up in three words: Growth, Trust & Support."

Diamond partners are regularly audited and monitored to ensure that they are maintaining the high standards that Mitsubishi requires. This means that customers can count DQP membership as a genuine mark of quality.

As a DQP, Password Services will also be able to advise customers about exclusive upcoming developments and new technology from Mitsubishi, before any other suppliers.

Furthermore, DQP accreditation gives Password Services access to dedicated support for Mitsubishi's advanced products, giving us the ability to arrange complex repairs and upgrades across the entire Mitsubishi range of products. And in yet another value-add, all Password Services customer will be given a generous 7-year warranty on all Mitsubishi white goods.

"Becoming a Diamond Quality Partner really highlights the hard work and high standards that make Password Services stand out from the crowd", said a Password Services spokesperson. "We are thrilled to be recognised for the quality of our work, but we are even more delighted for our customers, who will really benefit from the extra perks and extended warranty that we can now offer on all Mitsubishi products."


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