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YORK provide the largest collection of HVAC equipment in the world, making it easy to design an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for your environment. No matter if it’s a small office or retail outlet or a large factory, hospital or school, YORK makes it easy.

We can supply YORK equipment and replacement parts for the following YORK equipment:

  • Water Chillers, both Air cooled & Water cooled from 45kW

  • Condensing and Split A/C units from 19kW

  • Packaged cooling/heating/gas fired Rooftop units. Providing DX cooling with LPHW, Heat pump or Gas heating from 17kW



It is important that you use genuine YORK spares to help maintain the efficiency and reliability of your YORK HVAC equipment. Password Services are the UK distributor for all YORK unitary products and components. These can be supplied across the UK using our same day or next day delivery service. We also have engineers on standby 24/7, 365 days a year to fit components if required.

For more information about our range of YORK Equipment and Spare parts get in touch with us on the form provided or call our engineering team on

01299 253 344.

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